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When Dreams Collide:
An introduction
September 9th of the first year

After a series of ordinary and listless experiences both at school and work, it was certainly due time for change. I quit my job as an I.T. consultant in early June to begin crossing things off of my life's list. Of the many items, I decided to pursue employment as a Systems Manager aboard a cruise ship. In the months to follow, I'd find out that it's going to take more time and luck than I previously realized. Hence, we're now rocking two dreams at the same time. Item #2 on the agenda is to bike across country like my cousin, Michael. I'll be sending out correspondence all the while and doing what I can to find myself aboard a floating hotel, but in the mean time, we're going on one hell of a trip :-)

I'm conflicted as to whether or not I should create a journal here. Somehow attempting to write it all out seems almost tragic and belittling to the experience. I suppose, though, if I was able to thoroughly remember every mile of the trip and had the ability to project the essence of it all through words, it would be worthwhile. I really don't see that happening, which is why I've purchased a digital voice recorder to work in tandem with this journal. So, I'll be posting my whereabouts, photos, realizations and curious encounters here, while trying to capture the feelings and millions of random thoughts on my voice recorder.

As far as the trip goes, it doesn't seem all that crazy to me. I did a trek from Stockton Springs, ME, to Allentown, PA, on my mountain bike recently... took me but 8 days with no prior training. The whole experience was far more than I could put into words, and thinking back upon it now feels no different than trying to recall the events of a scattered dream. I find myself back in the same spot I started before that trip... in my house in Allentown killing time. The person who took that 8-day journey was not me, but someone on a different plane altogether. I've come to call this "The Charlie/Chuck Distinction". Simply put, Chuck makes sure we keep ourselves alive and in order while Charlie just lives and explores free of any hesitations. Charlie's made appearences more than once in recent years, but his coming is still rare. He's a good guy, you'd like him. I mean, I like him, anyway :P Who is I? Who's talking?!!@#% This can get really confusing.

From Allentown to Jacksonville, San Diego and finally Portland.
Eat your heart out :P

In all its glory

Me and the bike

"Long ago Buddha held up a flower on Vulture Peak. Twelve hundred people had gathered there to hear him speak of the Dharma, and he said nothing. He only held up a flower. This was one of the Buddha's strongest and most profound teachings. Only one of those twelve hundred people understood. Mahakasyapa looked at the flower and smiled."

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Charles Tronolone:

June 26th, 2008 @ 7:35pm

Good luck, self -- I think you're in for one hell of a trip. Try not to lose your marbles in the process :-)

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