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Yesterday I went into a small bookstore and asked if they had a book entitled, "What Has Government Done to our Money?" Right away the woman behind the counter proclaims, "I know what they government did with our money, they put us at war!" I had to smile and respond, "No, I mean, what has the government done to our money, not with." She looks at me and says, "Oh, I don't know... they've been spending our money like it's made of... like it's made of..." -- "Like it's made of paper?" -- "Yea!"

That says it all, folks. Sadly, our money hasn't been tied to anything of value for a very long time. Not gold, not silver, not even delicious girl scout cookies. I'm going to reiterate this once again because it's very relevant in recent times and pisses me off to no end.


If our money was backed by something of value, even girl scout cookies (especially the caramel ones), I might not say anything about this. But, it's not. The last lingering ties to gold were cut in 1971 and the value of the dollar has dropped ever since. Without any backing to our currency, it's off the wonderful land of inflation we go. And you should know that inflation is not a mystery of the modern world -- it is caused by the Fed and only the Fed. Without them printing money to fund whatever they want, inflation would not exist. We have been conditioned to believe that it's a magic economic phenomenon when really it's as simple as counterfeiting.

The Federal Reserve encourages commercial banks to partake in the irresponsible practice of fractional reserve banking. That is, they encourage commercial banks to loan out money they simply do not have. The rules state that as long as the commercial banks have at least 10% of their obligations available in cash or assets, they're allowed to continue operating. For example, if they have a million dollars in cash deposits, they can then loan out up to nine million dollars in auto loans, student loans, home mortgages, etc. In order to do this, they create money out of thin air, loan it out, then collect payments on the nonexistent principal with interest on top. It's fraud.

"Ha ha ha! Even monopoly money is worth more than what I loaned you!"

Anyway, this system runs on the assumption that, when combined, no more than 10% of depositors will withdrawal their cash at any one time and no more than 10% of their loans will go into default. When this fraud is matched with artificially low interest rates set by the Fed (Greenspan set it to 1.00% in 2001), the commercial banks loan money to just about everyone they meet. Some years down the line, the loans go into default because they've loaned to a bunch of people with shitty credit ratings. When this happens, the commercial banks take a loss. If the loss is too great, the bank has to dig into their on-hand assets to face the music and they no longer have the required 10% in cash readily on hand. Now they will be considered at risk for failure. If this occurrence is coupled with depositors demanding to withdrawal their cash, the bank has a real problem and may experience a "run on the bank".

In steps the Federal Reserve as the lender of last resort to bail them out of trouble. The Fed loans the commercial bank billions of dollars to save the day and allegedly prevent a cascading financial doomsday. Right about now, the media is spinning stories about how BankXYZ is irresponsible and should be to blame. Nevermind how the Federal Reserve advocated the incredibly fradulent system of fractional reserve banking, and nevermind that the Fed chairman lowered interest rates to 1.00%, encouraging banks to lend to every fool with feet.

And where does the Fed get the money to bail them out? They print it. They dilute the money supply and devalue the dollar. The money is siphoned from you and your savings. They steal it from you to give to their banking buddies so the owners can putz around in private jets and billion dollar yachts. When prices rise as result, the government and their media has to spin lies and mislead the public so we don't catch onto the scam. "It's those greedy oil companies! They're the problem!" -- "Should we drill or not drill?" -- "The Earth is running out of oil!" -- "Help us, government! We need you to administer alternative energies!" And who knows, some of those statements may be partially true. However, they all lead you away from the real problem. Anything and everything will be said to distract you from inquiring further and asking real questions.

Make no mistake, this is a system intentionally designed to rip off the ordinary citizen. They have not made an error. The Fed, its banking buddies and allies in government are all ripping you off. The only difference between this theft and being openly mugged on the street is that you don't immediately realize that you've been robbed. They do not give a flying fuck about you or me and if their policy results in you having to work more, learn less and send your children to public schools to perpetuate the indoctrination, they're all the happier. You might ask yourself, "what did we do to deserve this treatment?" You worked hard, paid your taxes, maintained financial responsibility, raised a family, taught morality to your children and stood loyal to your country. And now this is how you're repaid.

Yes, I'm mad. And you should be, too.
"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning." ~Henry Ford

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Click PLAY to watch video.

PS: There are some very specific solutions to this problem and ways in which you can directly help, but it involves everyone first coming to understand why the current system is flawed. I'll get into these aspects sooner or later. For now, just know that if you're voting for either of the two puppets running for president, you're helping to preserve your own enslavement, my enslavement and the enslavement of your own children.

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