Break the
One man's mission to free some cogs
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Table of Contents

Down, Over and Up...
with no particular agenda
When Dreams Collide: An introduction
Truckin' along
Get me out of this state already
The Outer Banks: Slowing things down
A genius idea and a stroke of good luck: Fortune on the islands
A new perspective: Life after the OBX
Heaven, Hell and everything in between
Millions of peaches
A timeout for some reflection: The dangers of a reckless society
One hell of a trip: Finding Florida and losing myself
Riding west
The Tallahassee Times
Marianna and the Bicycle blues: The holy overdose
McGuires Irish Pub and the Blue Angels: Living large in Pensacola
A Dozen Short Stories
Clean is a relative term: So is normal
Horizontal Tears: Screaming Down the Mountainside
The Imagination runs Wild: Sanity in short supply
The Breaking Point: I've finally found home
Between Earth and Sky: Life on land
The People make the Tour: Earth is both Art and Home
There are no Words
Random Thoughts on the Road: A regurgitation of the Mind
What is truly important?: And what do "they" want us to believe?
Enroute to California
Eating Cookies with the Sheriff: How sweet it is!
and Up!
An extremely quick update: Everything's good
A Christmas to Remember: Eight days in San Diego
The Third and Final Leg: And Unfortunetely, some more ranting
Some crazy Spaniards: And an adventure detour
Welcome to the Farm
Nature's private Balcony to the World
Expect the Unexpected: Chillin' with BIRRRRDDDD MAAANNNNN!!
Old Love
The Beard learns to Whistle: A virtual story book
A Piggy and some Pineapples
Fit into the Mold
The Natural Sound of Silence: A spirty of the wilderness
Sometimes it needs to be about how many hamburgers you ate
I've Crossed Over: And into the beyond
Dreams within Dreams: Don't look. Simply find.
The Machine
Material for my next Deja Vu: Something will come up. It always does.
Oh the Places You'll Go
Reflections and Cavernous Madness
Furball gets a Shave

With a purpose

Rhyme and reason
The route
Falling into the groove
Guacamole's Revenge
I don't pedal downhill
Cold Turkey Climber
Trails on the trails
Cog, Cow or otherwise?
Oh those happy slaves
Dirty dogs and the Great Plains
Monicidal Mania: And the nature of waste
The ripoff is happening right before our eyes
Chasing Shadows into a Blue Oblivion
Rage against the Wind: Inching across North Dakota
There goes the Neighborhood: The most magical fire EVER!
Just moving along
The end of Attempt #1: And some trailing thoughts to boot
Found Minneapolis and some cool Artifacts

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The best of
  1. Fit into the Mold
  2. Oh the Places You'll Go
  3. The Third and Final Leg
  4. What is truly important?
  5. Oh those happy slaves
  6. The Beard learns to Whistle
  7. Dreams within Dreams
  8. The Imagination runs Wild
  9. I've Crossed Over
  10. Heaven, Hell and everything in between

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My name is Charles Tronolone and I'm attempting something a bit unconventional; I'm trying to make a living by writing while on a perpetual bicycle tour. How I got to this point is a story in itself, but suffice to say that I refuse to be just another cog in the machine. There's too much important work to be done and too many eyes to open for us to be content with personal goals or riches. In late 2006, I managed to escape the machine, and now I'm setting off to help bring it down.

Whether or not this website proves to generate the revenue required to keep me on the road remains to be seen. I understand that the odds are heavily against me and that this means of income requires incredible amounts of time I simply won't have. However, it's the content that is going to accomplish what actually matters in the end. Should I fail financially, there's pride in knowing that I have already succeeded in purpose -- I have helped to liberate my peers to spread truth and meaning into their own lives.

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