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Rhyme and reason July 3rd of the third year

There's no going back. I simply cannot do it. Fun, love, success... for what? For me? That doesn't do much good for anyone else. It doesn't actually solve our problems. They're important on a personal level, but given the atrocities that surround us in this day, they serve more as a distraction. I cannot go day-in and day-out making an ordinary life while there is so much wrong with this world. I cannot be another obedient, ignorant, self-serving and smiling cog. Not while we're all slaves to this wretched machine, not while we're forced to fuel ramped injustice and suffering. I refuse to sit idly by and helplessly watch the demons run amuck. I refuse to join the sea of people either hoping for a hero or despairing in the face of an overwhelming task. It's time to be the change.

So, here I am trying to do what I can. This is attempt #1 to free some cogs and help bring an end to the machine. I say "attempt #1" because this is only the beginning and inevitably I will find better, farther reaching and more effective means to wake up those around me. But for now, it involves a bicycle, reading material, a website and a whole lot of open road. I intend to tour, read and write on a number of topics which will serve to liberate those who feel trapped in their own lives. On a larger scale, I will also be writing about some of the ills of society and their root causes. It's become strikingly apparent to me that we're being intentionally mislead on a massive scale while never being told about a carefully selected number of topics which would otherwise be a cause for great concern. It is these concerns which when taken in contrast, trivialize all the personal gains I've been told to value and pursue.

I aim to spread awareness and empower individuals for as long as I can. In my first bicycle tour, I managed to inadvertently accomplish this feat thanks to long months apart from external influence. However, since I've landed in Portland and have fought the pressures to conform to conventional means of work, I have felt myself slowly die inside. I've become inundated with the bullshit once again. The inspiration to write has vanished and my thoughts easily turn to frustration if I dwell too long. I'm just useless in this condition. And so, on the advice of my former self, it's time to combine all my favorite ingredients and whip up a new job. With a little luck, may I earn a living by touring, writing, living and liberating.

Already I know that this will be a challenge I may fail at more than once. Making money through the web is no easy task and trying to simultaneously tour only makes it harder. I'll have to redesign and tweak this website more times than I'll want to admit and I'm sure I'll be struggling to stay afloat financially in the beginning. But, I really don't mind so much. Given the comprehensive and far-reaching nature of the machine, my own troubles are hardly a concern. By comparison, this life is just a ride. Or maybe it's a bumper car. Gas, brake, swerve, crash... woops! Back it up and climb inside, here we go again.

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December 18th, 2015 @ 10:20am

"It's very, very clear that the District is looking for money," he says.Cleckley, hoevewr, says it's not about the fees, it's about the principle."You as a private citizen parking at a parking meter, you're paying a rate to park at the curb. It's the same concept that exists for these carriers to operate off the curbside," Cleckley says.My comment: If it's about "principle," the city would suspend parking meters, until economic conditions improved.

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My name is Charles Tronolone and I'm attempting something a bit unconventional; I'm trying to make a living by writing while on a perpetual bicycle tour. How I got to this point is a story in itself, but suffice to say that I refuse to be just another cog in the machine. There's too much important work to be done and too many eyes to open for us to be content with personal goals or riches. In late 2006, I managed to escape the machine, and now I'm setting off to help bring it down.

Whether or not this website proves to generate the revenue required to keep me on the road remains to be seen. I understand that the odds are heavily against me and that this means of income requires incredible amounts of time I simply won't have. However, it's the content that is going to accomplish what actually matters in the end. Should I fail financially, there's pride in knowing that I have already succeeded in purpose -- I have helped to liberate my peers to spread truth and meaning into their own lives.

If you're interested in helping my cause or have found the articles on this site to be personally beneficial or simply entertaining, please check out a couple of the ways you can help contribute. Aside from a kind donation, there is actually an easy way for you to earn $20 while simultaneously helping me on my mission. It allows you to withdrawal cash from *any* foreign ATM without paying a fee, and it's something that has saved me a lot of money while traveling. Click here to learn more.

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