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Question February 24th of the second year

I'm telling you. Remove yourself from everything. It need not be drastic, strenuous or daring. Just get away from all and everyone you know. Just for a while.

You may find purpose.

It will seemingly spawn from nothing, but the truth is that it was all very apparent the entire time, we just never had the eyes to see. It's an acute awareness that maybe you hadn't searched for but found nevertheless. Hold onto it. It is stronger than any teaching one can offer. It will expose truth. It will generate a truth for yourself. It's not of the heavens and it's not a belief of any sort. It's merely a set of eyes that can see through and passed all obstacles. The thoughts will trickle through slowly at first. Sporadically. Here and there they emerge as curious notions. More and more. You'll wonder how it was that you never saw them before in this plain obviousness. The more you come to understand, the more they will trickle through. More and more. More and more, until, on that fateful day, the dam gives way and they rush forth as an overwhelming and beautiful epiphany.

You're inundated, but happily wandering. It's everywhere. Forget wading through it all, you've been completely submerged without land or sky visible in any direction. Where do you go now? Forward? Up? Down? To what end? You realize that despite your newfound sense, there is far too much to figure. Though, be eager to figure what you may; the currents within this flood are worth coming to know. Your knowledge, your realizations may become essential to breaking the chains the of another. But know this. The flood extends endlessly beyond the horizon. It has found its way to an incomprehensible expanse of ocean. It cannot be understood in its entirety however assured you may feel. It's not meant to be. It is here that you must learn that you are not always after definitive knowledge, but instead unrestrained wonder, for some of our questions are better left unanswered.

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July 28th, 2008 @ 7:43pm

You are getting there.

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