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Found Minneapolis and some cool Artifacts September 5th of the third year

Ah, if only that statement were still true. If it were, humanity as a whole would be greatly improved. With constant innovation making everything easier to produce, one would expect prices to generally fall over time. But without our currency backed by a commodity like gold, this does not happen. Prices are prevented from falling by the central bank. It prints new money to such an extent that it offsets the progress of civilization; prices go up instead of down and life gets harder for the bulk of us.

The government and Federal Reserve regularly deny us of our hard-earned increase in prosperity by printing new money for their own purposes. If it weren't for this parasite on society, people would have more time, there would be less poverty and we would not constantly be at war. Our rulers would have to greatly increase taxes to get the funding for continual warfare and they wouldn't be in power very long as a result. Forget protesting, forget wishful thinking, faith or political promises; go after the fiat money system and forcefully starve the engine of war.

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