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Cog, Cow or otherwise? July 21st of the third year

What better way to get old than this? If you're going to get old, you might as well be doing something worth your while. In the end we'll all be dead, so at the very least, make sure you enjoy what you do. There should be no reason for you to one day discovery your youthful days are gone, spent inside the machine without joy or purpose. And really, enjoying what you do should be a minimum requirement if you can't rationalize some meaningful purpose to your life. Otherwise, you're really just waiting to die -- you know, like a dairy cow. Moo!

Oh yes. So many people with so many suggestions. "You know what you should do?" Oh, pray tell, I haven't a clue. Please, instruct me, let me know! Bestow your wisdom upon me and with a little luck, maybe I'll turn out like everyone else. Should I get a traditional job? Should I work to fulfill someone else's dreams? Should I inundate myself with debt, commitment and a 'normal' lifestyle so that I can't find the time to follow my true calling? Should I pursue what makes me rich and happy regardless of what it actually accomplishes? Because, I don't want to lay there on my death bed wondering whether or not my life made a difference, you know.

No, thank you. For now, this will work just fine. On the road my age advances day by day, and while it's not the most effective option, it certainly isn't a bad one. It's not nearly as bad as being the obedient cog or the cow which ultimately hurts instead of helps. I'm outside, getting exercise, getting sun, sleeping well, stressing little, disempowering the machine and working to liberate. Even with tomorrow being very much unknown, this is much better than what 'they' would suggest and do.

"It's weird to think this road leads to Minneapolis... and that I can get there on a bicycle." I'm sitting on the sidewalk at an intersection near the edge of some small town. It's Thursday morning and people are driving into work to do their thing. I don't so much feel like biking at the moment, so I sit, stretch and ponder whatever it is that's ready to be pondered. Taking notice of all the mostly empty cars passing by, I wonder if the drivers of these cars say to themselves, "I think I'll take a ton of steel with me to work today, just because." And if they do say such things, I can only assume the answer is 'yes', because everyone is towing two thousand pounds of steel and empty seats around with them. With all those talking heads on TV persuading the culture to conserve energy, it's kind of humorous to watch everyone absolutely waste it by carting around all this metal. Nevermind the dent this puts in your wallet. I'm no save-the-planet junkie, but being on a bike for so long, you quickly realize the costs of carrying dead weight. "Hey honey, I'm going to take my steel for a ride today. Love ya, bye!" Just funny to watch, that's all.

In time, I'm back in the saddle and trekking towards another towering mountain. This is the last one for a good while and with the help of some good tunes, I reach the top just before dusk once again covered in sweat. Cresting the apex, a vast landscape of red mountains comes into view. With an empty road, a river to my right and the sun at my back, I outstrech my arms like an airplane and take flight. The wind whips sweat from my body as the final plunge begins and the sun creates my clear shadow on the road ahead. Taking notice, I can't help but smile. Watching his shirt whip around and the trees scream by, an overwelming chill takes hold of me and I come to life once more. If I could only stay in this moment...

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December 18th, 2015 @ 11:09am

Returning during that first week in the New Year will ruin any chcnae of a real saver and departing any later than 19th is a killer too. If you can extend your trip and return on the Monday, you can get flights with US Airways for around a3500 return.Otherwise, the cheapest I can find is a3532 round-trip from Manchester to MIA. However you would have to connect in London and then again in Washington. That is with United The return is easier, MIA to Frankfurt and then onto Manchester with Lufthansa. However, if you can get down to London (LGW), the flights are much better. For the dates you requested, a3512 round-trip. One connection in Charlotte and that is with U.S. airways.Either way, you still save around a3100 per person and you won't find anything much cheaper than that at this time of the year.


July 24th, 2008 @ 11:03am

Chuck - You're hysterical! I'm saving your journal to 'my favorites', so I can check in on you every day! How exciting! Don't you feel a bit like Tom Hanks in Castaway sometimes? When I see you talking to a volley ball, that's when I'll start to worry!

BTW, you might know me better as Danielle K in Texas on the RP blogs...

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